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Website Development

301 redirect

A permanent redirect from one URL to another, usually from your old website to the new website. (e.g.“” now redirects visitors to “” on the new website.)

General Advertising


American Association of Advertising Agencies, often abbreviated as 4A’s, seeks to promote and advance the advertising and marketing industry. 4A’s provides community, advocacy and training to its 700-plus member agencies.

Film & Broadcast

5.1 Channel Digital Sound

The film digital sound exhibition standard which utilizes five output speaker channels (left, center, right, right surround, left surround, and subwoofer). (Sound)


51% Attack

an attack in which a single entity or organization gains control of over half of the nodes or mining power on a network. This then allows the entity to disrupt the network by excluding certain transactions, double spending cryptocurrency, and performing other malicious acts.

General Advertising


5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology. It will be designed to bring increased speed, decreased delays and greater ability to connect multiple devices at once. Early 5G launches (2019 and 2020) are likely to rely on “milimeter wave” technology, clusters of networks with short reaches that deliver extremely high speeds.

Film & Broadcast


An indication of the emulsion position on a roll of film. An ‘A’ wind is a roll with the emulsion facing the center of the roll. (Film Editing)

Film & Broadcast

A/B Printing

Printing from original film stock which has been conformed into two rolls with alternating shots and black opaque leader. This methodology will eliminate any potential splice marks from showing up on prints and permits the incorporation of optical effects and titles. (Film Editing)

Film & Broadcast

A/B Rolls

Two or more rolls of film having alternate scenes intercut with opaque leaders in such a way that the ‘A’ roll presents its picture at the same time that the ‘B’ roll presents opaque leader, and vice versa. (Film Editing)

Digital Media & Advertising

A/B test

The method of building two different ad versions, running both of them, and then comparing the results to see which version performed better. The objective of these tests is to determine which variables positively affect user response and utilize those in our ads down the road. Also known as split testing, this important metric compares […]

Digital Media & Advertising

A/B Testing

Also known as split testing, this important metric compares two variations of an ad or a piece of content to see which version performs better on a given media platform.

Social Media Marketing

A/B Testing

Also known as split testing, this important metric compares two variations of an ad or a piece of content to see which version performs better on a given media platform.


A/B testing (or split testing)

A/B split testing is a simple process that lets you compare two versions of a webpage so you can determine the most effective strategy. You show Version A and Version B to groups of would-be customers during the same time frame to learn which approach nets the higher conversion rate.

Media Platforms & Technology

Above the Fold

Web content visible without having to scroll down the page. Considered more premium because it is generally more viewable inventory.

Digital Media & Advertising

Above the fold

Term used to describe the area of an online page visible to users before they have scrolled down on a page. The size of “the fold” is not static and can vary depending on the device or resolution.

Film & Broadcast

Above the Line

Refers to the creative elements of a production such as the writer, producer, director and actors. Literally, these are the elements which appeared above a bold line which divided standard production budget sheets. (Production)

Film & Broadcast


Alternating Current. An electric current with periodically changing polarity (i.e. 60 times a second for 60Hz power). (Electricity)

Film & Broadcast

Accent Light

A light unit that emphasizes one subject. This might be a key light, a kicker, or a backlight. (Lighting)

Email Marketing

Acceptable Spam Report Rate

The rate at which you can be reported as SPAM without harming your sender reputation. Anything over 0.1% (1 report per 1000 emails) will get a warning.

Development Operations (DevOps)

Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD)

Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) involves team members with different perspectives (customer, development, testing) collaborating to write acceptance tests in advance of implementing the corresponding functionality.

Website Development


Website accessibility concerns making a website accessible by people with disabilities. All websites built should follow guidelines outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).